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A young girl smiling as she rides on a seated zipline.

Are you excited for your

visit to Shine Shed?


Here is everything you need

to know to have fun.



Safety Rules

and Procedures

To ensure that everybody gets to enjoy and feel comfortable in this shared space, there are several rules and policies that Shine Shed enforces to keep everybody safe.

  • Parent/carer supervision is required at all times

  • No food or drinks in the play areas

  • Wearing socks is heavily encouraged when in the play area

  • No shoes to be worn in the play area

  • No loose or heavily embellished (i.e. studs, spikes, etc) clothing

  • No climbing on any netting

  • No jewellery that poses the risk of getting caught

We understand that you may want to capture these special experiences of your child. However, we ask that you are mindful of other people using the play space and avoid photographing or videoing non-consenting people.

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